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Our Story

Clean Plates isn’t your average meal prep company
We are a local team of passionate chefs and nutritionists focused on one thing—crafting meals that taste as good as they are beneficial for you. We draw inspiration from global cuisines to create exciting recipes that ensure every bite is a perfect balance of taste and nutrition.

We have your wellness in mind
As a proud part of your community, we work with trusted and local suppliers that provide us with fresh, top-quality ingredients to help us make all of our meals. Our food containers are made from bamboo and unbleached plant fiber, are 100% biodegradable and compostable, and contain no wax or plastic. In addition, we employee our own team of experienced drivers that deliver the meals in insulated boxes with frozen, food-grade gel packs designed to keep your food at refrigerated temperatures.

Take the stress out of healthy living
We provide fresh, fully-prepared meals that support all paces of life. We shop, prep, cook, and deliver straight to your door so you can experience the benefits of clean eating without the hassle. By staying fit, you will look good, feel great, and have all the energy and focus you need. Start today and get 30% off your first order!

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